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Couple this with China’s massive population and its jaw-dropping history, and you’ve got a recipe for a borderline overwhelming array of choices when it comes time to plan your trip to China. At 9,596,960 square kilometers – it weighs in behind only Russia, Canada, and the United States for sheer size.Tradition associates Chongqing with the State of Ba which is only in myth without any solid proof that Ba actually existed.The Ba people supposedly established Chongqing during the Spring and Autumn period after moving from their capital Yicheng ( Jiangzhou subsequently remained under Qin Shi Huang's rule during the Qin Dynasty, the successor of the Qin State, and under the control of Han Dynasty emperors.

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For a country with so many diverse cultures and landscapes, it’s remarkable that so many Chinese itineraries consist of the same tried and tested fare.

There are a wealth of cities with more history in one neighbourhood than the entirety of my own country.

There are unbelievable and almost alien landscapes the likes of which would fit in better with fantasy or science fiction.

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