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Meaning "to assign to or indicate a date" (of an event) is from c.1400. Ivanka Trump has been mocked by Merriam-Webster dictionary for appearing to not know what the word “complicit” means.The most highly paid attorney of his time, Webster exerted considerable influence on the development of constitutional law. As an orator, Webster had no equal among his American contemporaries.Creativity is considered important for our society to maintain its current economic status.As a congressman (1823-1827) and a senator (1827-1841, 1845-1850) from Massachusetts, he became a leading proponent of federal action to stimulate the economy through protective tariffs, transportation improvements, and a national bank.He won renown as the defender of the Constitution by denouncing nullification when South Carolina adopted it.Long an opponent of slavery extension, he spoke against annexing Texas and against going to war with Mexico.

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"'Complicit' is trending after Ivanka Trump told CBS 'I don’t know what it means to be complicit,'" Merriam-Webster said on Twitter.

The dictionary also included a link to the definition of the word which is defined as "helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way." “If being complicit ...

is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I'm complicit," Ms Trump also used the interview to say. This is by means the first time Merriam-Webster has subtly mocked the Trump administration.

Originally a lawyer, Webster was elected a New Hampshire congressman in 1813. secretary of state, he helped ease border tensions with Britain through negotiations of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty in 1842. Webster gained fame for his championship of a strong federal government, though he had been a rather extreme advocate of states’ rights at the beginning of his forty years in public life.

He later served as a Massachusetts congressman and senator, becoming a leading proponent of federal action to stimulate the economy through protective tariffs, transportation improvements and a national bank. Despite his standing as a Whig leader, Webster was never able to secure his party’s nomination for the U. As a congressman (1813-1817) from New Hampshire, he opposed the War of 1812 and hinted at nullification.


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